from the book's preface
Is there a »french« type? Or are there certain type faces that can be found more often than in east eurpe? Is there a connection between Type and national identity after all? Is it allowed to ask this question without getting entangled in national and typographical snares?
We sat out to investigate the use of type, colors and signs on roads, cars, airports and entire countries from around the world (use of latin characters presumed) and put together this book with signs and collages.
Composing artworks into book and poster
schrift und identität
die gestaltung von beschilderungen im öffentlichen verkehr

editors: christian fischer, johannes eckert, ilona pfeifer, philipp schäfer, andreas uebele.

a project at university of applied sciences düsseldorf, guest articles by: florian adler, indra kupferschmid, albert-jan pool und sven neumann.

niggli 2013 
300 pages 
38 euro
isbn 978-3-7212-0820-7

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